Here’s How Much Entrepreneurs Should Pay Themselves (Infographic)

When we think about how much entrepreneurs pay themselves, we often think of two extreme ends of the spectrum. We think about the successful startup founders who pay themselves millions of dollars per year. We also think about the entrepreneurs who pay themselves little or nothing in order to keep the business running smoothly.  The […]

What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing is different for every business depending on your customer base. But local marketing comes down to one thing: community. Local marketing is attracting people in local communities to walk into your store. There are a variety of ways in which a business can market to customers in their local community. If you own […]

How to Organize Your Day as A Solopreneur

If you’re running a small business on your own, it’s easy to lose track of your days. Whether managing a small jewelry company, growing a consulting practice, or doing freelance design work, there’s a lot to juggle without a partner to check in with at the beginning and end of every day. That means there’s […]

10 Ways to Support the LGBTQIA+ Businesses in Your Local Community

Happy Pride! This month, we’re celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and its many contributions to our culture and economy. Whether you’re a member of the community or an ally, we hope that you’re celebrating with us. At StartBlox, we’re proud supporters of LGBTQIA-led small businesses around the United States because, well, we’re one of them! According to a […]