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StartBlox is built for small businesses and the organizations who empower them

You provide the programming, we provide the platform

Benefits for Members


The basics aren't basic if someone hasn't done them before


People who sit together don't necessarily know each other


Make your partnerships more visible and accessible to your members

You're a co-working space, an incubator, an accelerator, a development agency,

We're your virtual member hub

Connect startup education, member community, and resources for your SMB population – all in one place

Benefits for Administrators

Resources Configuration

Highlight your own affiliates and resources, show ours, or deploy a little bit of both
Our flexible affiliate display enables logos, images, content, and UTM links to advertise services and contact points

We also include links to your membership management and room reservation apps, right on the main navigation pane

Member Communications

Administrators can set urgent or time-bound messages that remain in user accounts until actively dismissed
Whether you've got an awesome event next week, or you need to let members know the water is off on the 3rd floor, our Notifications feature lets you tell your members about important happenings

White-Label Option

Customize everything to your program's needs, including your own branding
In addition to resources configuration, gain full control over what startup topics, tasks, and content are shown, along with video and branding customizations
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