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How our app can help you start a business

No need to re-invent the wheel on business setup steps
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Benefits for Members


The basics aren't basic if someone hasn't done them before

Make Startblox the first stop for members to find answers to their startup questions

Get common asks out of the way, so that conversations among members and with your staff are value-added​


People who sit together don't necessarily know each other

Members no longer have to wonder who's at the other end of the table or whether their colleague is available today

We've built a stack of community engagement features to drive introductions and increase engagement - both online and in person


Make your partnerships more visible and accessible to your members

Most catalyst organizations have special affiliate relationships to offer their communities, yet marketing these often ends up relegated to a static webpage

In our platform, resources are shown right next to the content where they're relevant, driving more engagement and reducing questions of "Who can help me?"

If you’re…

We're your virtual member hub

Connect to startup information, peer franchise community, vendors, and tech resources – all in one place.

Benefits for Administrators

Resources Configuration

Member Communications

White-Label Option

Scoring & Gating

Our built-in StartScoreTM gauges how far a startup has progressed in the setup process, and compares that against the startup's industry average

Add to or customize the assessment to "gate" access to investors, SMEs, or other valuable assets - just in time when those companies are ready for them


Join the community and build your business together with us

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