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You’ve got a solid business concept. You’ve identified a problem to solve... see a new way of doing something... or see a void you can fill in the market. Make sure you’ve done your research before taking the leap to start. StartBlox walks you through creating a business plan, so you can determine if your business concept is viable before you spend time and money on an idea the market won’t respond to.

Top information blox for this stage that create your business plan:

Product definition and customer segmentation

Market and competitor analysis

Financial planning and forecasting

Marketing and sales planning



Expertly researched information organized by topic or searchable by keyword. Includes federal and state regulatory sources, tasks you can assign yourself, and a notes feature.


D.I.Y. with wizards. Let us walk you through what you need to know at each step of building your company’s operations by using our visual step-by-step guides we call Coach.


Need a hand? Find an advisor who can work with you 1-on-1. Or if you're ready to buy external services, connect to local and national vendors and suppliers rated by BBB.

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"StartBlox helps startups increase their productivity and avoid costly mistakes by providing online resources and progress tracking."

Allyson Sutton, DIG South

"I didn’t know how to get started. StartBlox walked me through the planning steps and writing my first business plan."

Belinda N., Kansas City, MO

"I can’t believe no one thought of this before! StartBlox has everything in one place so that I don’t have to search around."

Chris H., Mesa AZ

"Having business tools and information in one place saves me many afternoons of my time."

Ross P., Washington DC

StartBlox changes the game for everyone chasing their dreams. Get your business started on the right foot today.

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