Moving Away From The Corporate Life

Most of us have an inkling of entrepreneurship in us. It’s whether we act on that inkling that makes us entrepreneurs. Learn what inspired John to abandon his corporate life and start his own (now successful) company. Cutting Corporate Ties to Cut Hair Like so many Americans in the early 2000’s, John was a casualty […]

What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur

Even inside the startup circles, the meaning of the word “entrepreneur” can be unclear. What does it mean to start a company, and what causes almost 50% of them to fail within 5 years? What is abundantly clear is that we lack a clear understanding of the small business market, and that will continue to […]

Why We’ll Be Here For You In 2017

Happy 2017, founders! You made it! For those already on the startup path: Congratulations for reaching a new year with your startup! For those considering it: Congratulations on reaching your year to begin! At StartBlox, we’re happy to have ended 2016 with a windfall of small wins and measurable growth. We’re excited to be starting […]

6 Reasons Why We Love the Startup Life

6.6 million new businesses started in the US in 2015 — that’s more than 18,000 startups every day. What is driving this stampede into the startup lifestyle? For those already in the startup community, the attraction to the startup lifestyle is obvious. Whether we’re in a startup that already has the jeans-wearing, dog-loving office set […]