Should Your Hobby Become Your Full-Time Job?

Almost any successful entrepreneur or business leader will tell you that loving what you do is the no.1 prerequisite for growing a thriving long-term career in the modern world. And they wouldn’t be wrong. Loving your job is extremely important, especially in the hectic, stressful lifestyle of the 21st century. But should your hobby become […]

Strengths and Weaknesses of Paid Advertising

Have you ever felt both nervous and optimistic about launching a new advertising campaign? I know I have – plenty of times. Advertising is the turning point for a majority of contemporary businesses, since the way you design a marketing strategy can skyrocket your sales or eliminate your business from the market. It is also […]

How to Choose a Name for your Small Business [Infographic]

What’s the first thing your future customers will know about your business? How will they locate you? Search for you online? Talk about your business to their friends and family? Finding a name for your business is an early-stage decision that will stay with you. The name you choose should last for many years, if […]

5 Tips To Quickly Test Business Ideas

There’s something magical about new ideas. When they first occur to you, they seem shiny and brilliant. You can’t help but feel a little giddy as you imagine your idea for a new app going viral or your bookstore/bar filling up with fond regulars. It’s a great feeling. Then reality sets in, and with it […]

How to Build Trust with Customers Online

Businesses don’t exist without customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are working in the B2B or B2C segment, your clients must trust you. When clients are loyal to you, they return to you, recommend you to their peers, and buy more goods and order more services. If you don’t build trust with your customers, you […]

Make Inbound Marketing Work for Your Small Business

The biggest challenge for a small business is attracting customers and making them come back for more. Typically, this is where marketing comes in, and there are two ways to do it. The traditional way to market your small business is to advertising through media like TV, radio, and newspaper to spread your message to […]