The State of Small Business: Most Fascinating Facts [Infographic]

Being a small business owner is hectic at best, and terrifying at worst. When you’re constantly keeping your head down and focusing on the day’s to-do list, it can be tough to remember that you’re not actually alone in running your company. In fact, your small business is one of 30 million companies driving the […]

How to Choose a Name for your Small Business [Infographic]

What’s the first thing your future customers will know about your business? How will they locate you? Search for you online? Talk about your business to their friends and family? Finding a name for your business is an early-stage decision that will stay with you. The name you choose should last for many years, if […]

How To Plan A Business [Infographic]

A great business starts with a great plan. Welcome to Small Business Week – the week when our community recognizes the critical contributions of small businesses. From helping to grow the economy to providing innovative solutions to complex problems, small business is a crucial aspect of the world we live in today. This week, communities […]

Millennial versus Boomer: Content to Drive Growth in Your Business [Infographic]

User-generated content (UGC): content produced by product users about a brand which is published through their own social media channels. A recent study from Olapic found differences in content preferences between Millennials and Baby Boomers. This generation gap has real implications for small businesses looking to grow their business with one, or both, of these audiences. […]