Why Coaching Matters in Small Business

How big is your small business? Is it just you? Do you work with a co-founder? Do you manage a team? No matter the size of your company, coaching is a crucial facet of your business success. What is coaching? Coaching, in its simplest form, is a practice of unlocking individuals’ potential. A successful coach […]

How to Hire Rockstar Employees

Growing a business is challenging, but it’s easier when you have a team supporting the process. Making your first hire as a startup is exciting. It means you’ve got the very basics figured out, and you’re taking your business to the next level. Getting the right team on board is a crucial part of growing […]

How to Write a Job Description for Your Small Business

So you think you’re ready to hire. Whether the goal is to have an extra pair of hands for your current workload or to start on a new activity for your business, you probably have a rough concept of the role in your mind. Too many entrepreneurs move forward with this rough idea directly into […]

Small Business Employees: Who to Hire

When it comes to hiring a team, one size does not fit all. Depending on your business stage, industry, and budget, your next hire varies drastically from your neighbor’s. Regardless of how you hire, adding your first team member is a milestone for small businesses. It’s a sign that your business is ready to grow, […]