How to Name a Business: Protecting Yourself from the Outset

Among the decisions to be made when starting a business, your new company’s name could be one of the most important. Yet, most entrepreneurs don’t know where to begin when it comes to how to name a business. A name has implications for your visual identity, company culture, marketing, and… of course… your competition. What’s […]

Putting Thought into Your Business Entity Type

Your business entity type and location can have significant bearings on your ability to raise money. Read about what happened to Ted, a software entrepreneur, when he made a few mistakes along the way. Wyoming? Wynot? We’ve all heard the beginning of this story before. Ted was a capable software engineer with a bright idea […]

Introduction to Commercial Leases

Although most entrepreneurs have gone through the residential leasing process, commercial spaces have a host of surprises for new business owners. Learn what to look for from an entrepreneur who had no idea. Bob & Weave A Business Owner Bobbed When He Should Have Weaved In our last post, we shared a story of successful […]

Moving Away From The Corporate Life

Most of us have an inkling of entrepreneurship in us. It’s whether we act on that inkling that makes us entrepreneurs. Learn what inspired John to abandon his corporate life and start his own (now successful) company. Cutting Corporate Ties to Cut Hair Like so many Americans in the early 2000’s, John was a casualty […]

Zoning for New Entrepreneurs

Where a business begins is often the best part of its story. From small shops in the garage to dining-table desks, a business’s first location is an adventure. What is often overlooked is how that location is zoned, and what it could mean if zoning violations are reported. Plus-Size Clothing Can Be a Plus-Size Problem […]