8 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Small Business

“Spring is in the air,” say your customers, but is your business flourishing with the new season, or is it stuck in hibernation mode? This season is famous for fresh starts and high energy, but it takes some elbow grease to get your small business ready for the change. If you’ve fallen behind on some chores […]

The Most Important Small Business Technologies in 2018

Small businesses run on technology, whether small business owners know it or not. With customers and competitors alike becoming accustomed to tech-enabled businesses, it’s important that small businesses in 2018 know how to leverage the tools at their fingertips. If small businesses fail to keep up, they risk being out-performed by other stores and leaving […]

Need-To-Know Business Terms: Technology

You may own a smartphone and spend a big chunk of your day on the computer, but nothing can prepare a new entrepreneur for the technological needs of running a business. Though technologies may vary between types of businesses, there are some basic tools and ideas to know of beyond the ones you already have […]

Need-To-Know Business Terms: Defining the Basics

You recently took the leap and decided to start your own business, and now that you’re an entrepreneur, everyone thinks you have the lingo down. Sound familiar? As much as we love the small business community, there are some quirks that we could live without. One of them is this: the assumption that we all […]

What’s User Experience aka UX Design?

User experience design for non-technicals. In many ways, UX design can be summed up as the hook between your customers and your product. It’s most frequently applied in the digital space, but can be utilized in the physical realm as well – it’s anything that helps reduce friction between customers and their experience with your […]

What We Learned While Migrating our Blog

In early February, we at StartBlox decided it was time to bring our blog, affectionately named StartBlog, into our own website rather than having it hosted elsewhere. This decision was several months in the making, and (we thought) we had everything in place to do so quickly. On that day, rather than keeping up with […]