12 Ways to Cope with Burnout

When burnout strikes, it can be hard to decide what to do. Do you power through and hope that your work product is as high-quality as ever? Or do you stop what you’re doing and start procrastinating?
Everyone deals with burnout, and everyone solves the problem in their own ways. The only constant is that it has to be dealt with if we want our businesses to keep growing. Here are some of the ways the StartBlox team and our friends cope with our burnout:

Put Aside The Work You Dislike

You may be surprised that this is a boss-approved approach to burnout. At StartBlox, burnout is something we’re honest about. (For real!) That allows us to have honest conversations about what can be put aside for later, and build momentum with the work we enjoy.

Step Out of the Office Early

Okay, “office” may be a bit strong, but you get the idea. Our team gets it when you step away from your desk because you’re not making any progress, as long as you come back and get your work done well later on.

Have Some Friends Over

There’s nothing quite like devoting an evening to your friends and family. A night of laughter, board games, and a bottle of wine can hit the “reset” button on your mood, making you more productive in the office the next day.

Text Friends You’ve Lost Touch With

Sometimes, the nagging feeling of missing your friends can get in the way of a productive workday. An occasional evening of reconnecting with old friends and finding out what they’re up to can take one thing off of your plat.

Spend a Day Outside

Especially with the weather turning to fall, it’s a great time to be outdoors. When you’re watching the leaves fall and the clouds move overhead, it’s hard to feel stressed about work.


When you’re having trouble being thrilled about being an entrepreneur or running your business, explaining it to someone you’ve just met can help remind you of how passionate you are. (You won’t have the opportunity to think about the stress when you’re selling someone else on the great parts of your business.)

Get Dressed Up For Work

Have you ever heard this phrase: “dress for success.” Sometimes it helps to “dress like you’re not stressed.” If feeling good about what you’re wearing is your thing, take a little extra time in the morning to get ready.

Parks & Recreation

Who doesn’t need a little Leslie Knope pep talk every so often? Taking a mental break with any Netflix show can be a helpful reprieve from work, but our team is particularly refreshed by Leslie’s motivation and ambition.

Cook (Or Try Some Other Skill You Don’t Have)

For those members of our team that don’t cook, the challenge of crafting a meal out of nothing (or out of a few cans) can be a fun adventure to end the day. If you can cook, try your hand at a new skill.

Build Something

Metal puzzles recently became popular. They come in sheets of aluminum, and you can bend the pieces to build Star Wars figurines or model White Houses. It’s so difficult that you can’t think of anything else, and you (hopefully) get to make something you’ll be proud of!

Make A Done List

For some, burnout is a result of feeling unaccomplished. Rather than keeping a to-do list (or maybe alongside your to-do list), keep a “done” list which documents everything you’ve accomplished. Review it when you need something to be proud of.

Be Grateful

The power of positive thinking really works.  Studies have shown that writing out on paper your positive thoughts – things you’re grateful for – actually change your mood.  Many people use this technique daily to start with positivity and carry it forward with them all day long.
As a business owner, you’ll find your own ways of dealing with burnout. Regardless of what show you watch, where you go, and how you cope, it’s important to remember that burnout is common, and it’s not the kiss of death for your entrepreneurial endeavors. Instead, take it as a sign that you deserve a reward.
What do you do to cope with burnout? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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