Franchise Platform

Assess readiness, implement playbook setup steps, and connect to vendors and other operations resources – all in one place

The faster a franchisee can be qualified and operational, the faster everyone can make revenue.

Flexible Platform for the Entire Franchise Ecosystem

 Let StartBlox online platform guide the way through the process while easing one of the biggest challenges to getting off the ground: making sure all setup steps are completed for a successful launch.

In addition to the fundamental things every business owner needs to do – getting permits/licenses, setting up accounting, hiring employees, etc. – franchisees need to consider specific franchise requirements

This could include things like signage and advertising standards, preferred vendors, and many other items that may or may not be formalized in a playbook.

Regardless if this is the first business or the fifth, there are many details a business owner needs to keep track of simultaneously, and our platform will lead the way forward through them all.

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We're your virtual setup hub

StartBlox works for...

franchise brokers
investor groups


Custom assessments can be implemented by brokers & franchisors to field and qualify viable franchise candidates


Setup steps can be prescribed specific to the franchise, by using our own Setup Blox out of the box, or by showing a little of both as needed


In-app notifications and direct message (DM) allow everyone in the platform to communicate with everyone else – that includes peer franchisees if desired

Benefits for Everyone

  • Offer your clients tools to be successful after the sale
  • Establish a deeper relationship with your clients, evolving from broker to business advisor
  • Promote StartBlox as a value add to your business practice
  • Drive referrals – successful clients are more likely to refer you to other potential franchisees
  • Get franchisees up and running faster than if they are trying to figure things out on their own
  • Ensure franchisees don’t miss critical startup steps
  • Customize content to your particular franchisor’s specifications
  • Promote thoughtful consideration of various disciplines (marketing, finance, HR, etc.) for more holistic view of business
  • Provide a resource for ongoing support and learning to help franchisee evolve their business over time
  • Support an owner community where franchisees can share best practices with one another
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – follow what others have done before you to move more quickly
  • Keep your process moving forward by following organized guidance
  • Manage milestones and don’t miss critical steps on your way to getting your business started
  • Learn critical business disciplines you may not be familiar with already
  • Get access to subject matter experts to help solve business problems

Once setup, owners can run their franchise in StartBlox, too

Vendor management, due dates / reminders, and expense tracking

For setup areas that use software or a vendor, select the service and activate a vendor button in the Ops Blox dashboard to manage operations in one place.

Launch that vendor's website from Ops Blox, too! Click the link to learn more.

Let's explore how we can make StartBlox your franchise system setup home