White-Label Implementation

Part learning management system, part virtual mentor, configure your own branded environment to suit your organization’s needs

Make StartBlox Into YourBlox

Hover over each hotspot to learn more about white-label customizations

Custom URL on your own domain

Use your logo and set your primary and secondary colors for further branding

Easily insert your own custom content, tasks, and resources

We pre-populate content on 135 topics, which you can:

  • use as-is;
  • edit for new content; or
  • hide completely

Custom surveys and assessments via our Typeform integration

Core White-Label Features

Just-in-Time Startup Education

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All client environments come pre-loaded with content on 135 business topics organized into 6 operational areas. You can use ours, augment with your own, or completely replace the library with your own playbook – text and media alike.

Extend Your Program’s Branding

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White-label client’s not only replace our logo and color scheme with their own, but also implement a branded URL using one of their own subdomains for program sign up and login.

Wizard Away

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Each step of setting up can be prefaced with media rich introductions that “talk” to your program participants, giving them more personal context for the upcoming set of tasks – just like a mentor would provide in person.
Founders and entrepreneurs

Assess & Guide

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From the administrator's dashboard, see how far your program participants have progressed in each module and nudge them if needed.

And with our Typeform integration, you can run program assessments and surveys, seeing when they are completed and linking to the results.

Feature Comparison



White-Label Implementation


Pre-loaded content on 135 business topics

Re-organize/add/edit/delete content

Add custom code and embed video using native players

Custom weighting to score startup progress vs. peers

Wizardize each step to “talk” to participants


Configurable mentor & technology resources next to relevant content topics

Community Directory

Community Q&A with topic and industry feed


Custom-branded URL, sign up page, and login page

Custom logo and color branding


Ability to form startup teams with separate logins yet same view

Administrator view & control of program participant accounts

Send scheduled or instantaneous global notification banners to all users

Send event announcements with scheduled automatic start/end

Run Typeform assessments right inside the platform

See Typeform completions in administrator dashboard

Manage pre-populated buttons in Ops Blox

White-Label FAQs

Commonly asked questions about the setup process, pricing, and administration

Most white-label implementations have a two-part pricing model:

  1. A base implementation fee to create the unique environment
  2. Separate licenses for the users, often with bulk pricing


Standard configurations only have licensing fees. There is no implementation fee.

Contact us for more information.

We can actually create your environment and load with pre-populated data in just a few hours!  If we have your branding choices and a couple other parameters decided, we can get you up and running the very next day.

StartBlox is hosted on cloud servers we maintain, so you don’t need any of your own equipment.  You and your users just need internet access.

To the extent you want to update the content or engage your user community via Q&A and messaging, then you just need someone with an Administrator license to login and perform those duties.

That depends on the degree to which you are using our content and resources versus editing with your own.

Fortunately, the interface allows for immediate, on-the-spot editing in most cases. There are only a few types of resources that you need to add in the administrator panel before seeing in the editor.

Yes!  You can do any of the following with both content and resources:

  • Use ours as-is
  • Edit ours to make new content
  • Hide/delete ours and add yours in its place

For copyright purposes, anything we provide to you remains ours; anything you cleanly add is yours.  In cases where you are editing our content to form your own unique content, this would follow copyright standards: your wording needs to be substantively different from what we give you in order for it to become yours.  You have license during the term of our agreement to use and manipulate our content without attribution, but it remains ours in its substantive form.

As an example, if we said “The first thing you need to decide for your business setup is its location”:

  • It would still be our copyright if you simply restate the exact meaning of the sentence with different words/order like “Deciding your business location is the first thing you need to do for your business setup.”
  • If would be your copyright if, for instance, you state there is something else to do first and that location determination is later, e.g. “The second thing you need to decide for your business setup is its location.”  Replacing the word first with second substantively changes the meaning.


As long as your content stays in the platform, there should be no issues.  If you wish to copy or export any content, per the agreement, you can only take your own IP.

Nope! Zilch!  We have easy-to-use administrative menus, rich text editors, and integrations that require no coding on the client’s part.

The only “technical” thing clients need to do is add one CNAME record in their DNS to activate the custom URL on their domain.

Consider StartBlox for your program's online home

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