Ops Blox

Your new operations dashboard

Now you can organize and run your business in the same platform where you set up

Setup Blox learning dashboard partial view
Setup Blox learning dashboard

Dual Modes Working Together For You

Use Setup Blox mode to learn what vendors & software your business needs.

Switch to Ops Blox mode to display those resources on your customized dashboard

Ops Blox operations dashboard partial view
Ops Blox operations dashboard

How our dashboard can get you organized

Operations Dashboard Features

Set up your business operations using Setup Blox, then administer those functions here in Ops Blox

Manage Your Vendors

Logins as simple as a click

Instead of using browser bookmarks, simply store your online service's URL on the relevant button. Click the button and it will launch a mini-browser tab to that site.

Setup help right at your fingertips

We pre-populate common business operations buttons for you. This way, we can connect them back to relevant Setup Blox content and tasks in case you need help.

Easy indicators of what's set up

We use contrasting colors to show whether a button or tab has been enabled yet. As soon as a login is saved, reminder set, or expense added, it turns active blue.

operations dashboard - ops blox mini browser tab in action
Mini browser

Business Organization Tools

Visually track expenses

You may not realize how much monthly, quarterly, and annual expenses add up to in total, or when they will impact credit cards or cash flow. Populate recurring and one-time expenses to track how much you're spending and when it's forecast to impact your business.

Set reminders

Wether it's the renewal date on a subscription or a regular filing you need to make soon, attach reminders to vendor buttons to stay on top of what you need to do next in your operations. Alerts show as badges on related items and have a snooze feature.

Organize your dashboard

Hide buttons you don't need... add buttons you're missing... merge buttons if a service combines multiple functions together... it's your operations dashboard to work with.

Add Ops Blox to your Subscription

Plan. Setup. Run