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You’re passionate about your product or service
That’s where you should spend more of your time

Don’t re-invent the wheel on business setup steps

StartBlox is built for founders like you

Whether you’ve just decided to make that big leap into entrepreneurship…
or you’ve been running a small business for a while…
StartBlox has lots of tools for you!

Use the walk-through "wizards" to help with validating your product/service, conducting customer research, and creating your business plan.

Follow the Setup Blox to organize your company, setup key business functions, and connect with services and other resources you need to operate.

Activate vendor logins, set reminders, and track expenses in the Ops Blox dashboard to help organize your business

Founders and entrepreneurs
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How we coach you through the setup process

Business Setup Features

StartBlox helps get administrative things out of the way so you can focus more on your core business –
all while surrounded by a growing entrepreneur community to engage with


Track your progress

Our Setup Blox feature takes stock of what you’ve already done across six major operations areas and helps answer an important question:
What do I do next?

Take on key tasks

After seeing what steps you need to take, set task due dates for yourself, check off tasks as you complete them, and proceed to the next step

founder guided setup steps
founder setup content and resources presentation


Learn as you go

Setup Blox are more than just a set of tasks – they give you important information and context for actions you need to take at each step

Ask the community for help

If you need a deeper dive on a topic or have a question specific to your location or industry, reach out to the community – each task has it’s own Q&A channel right next to it

Topic & Industry Feed

Let the community come to you

Set topic keywords and industries to follow – when there are new tagged questions or answers, any of those matching ones you chose will appear at the top of your Feed

Help the community directly

If you need a deeper dive on a topic or have a question specific to your location or industry, reach out to the community – each task has it’s own Q&A channel right next to it


Business Resources

Connect right from the platform

We want businesses to help each other, so instead of a marketplace where all the services are dumped onto one page together, we’ve curated relevant solutions right next to the topic at hand

Get found in the Directory

Even if you’re not directly attached as a resource on a topic, you can still get your business found by enabling public view of your profile and filling out keywords in your description

Add team members to share same view of your new business setup & progress tracking

Plus, each person gets their own unique profile

Go Team!

Dual modes working together

Business Operations Features

After you setup your business, run it, too

Ops Blox:
Your Operations Dashboard

Manage vendors, due dates, and expenses

For setup areas where you use software or vendors, select the service and activate a button on your dashboard

A better way to bookmark

Launch vendor websites from Ops Blox buttons, too

Top 10 Industries of Founders Represented in the Platform

There are many others, just like your business!

1.  Business Services / Consulting
2.  Accounting & Financial Services
3.  Advertising / PR / Marketing
4.  Internet Services & Software
5.  Education
6.  Healthcare/ Provider
7.  Retail
8.  Agriculture
9.  Food – Bar / Café / Restaurant
10. Technology & Hardware


Ross P.Washington, DC
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"Having business tools and information in one place saves me afternoons of my time."
Allyson SuttonDIG South
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"StartBlox helps startups increase their productivity and avoid costly mistakes by providing online resources and progress tracking."
Belinda N.Kansas City, MO
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"I didn’t know how to get started. StartBlox walked me through the planning steps and writing my first business plan."
Chris H.Mesa, AZ
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"I can’t believe no one thought of this before! StartBlox has everything in one place so that I don’t have to search around.”

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