No need to re-invent the wheel on business setup steps

You’re passionate about your product or service

That’s where you should spend more of your time


StartBlox is here to get those administrative things out of the way so you can focus more on your core business – all while surrounded by a growing entrepreneur community to engage


Track your progress

Our Setup Blox feature takes stock of what you’ve already done across six major operations areas and helps answer an important question: What do I do next?

Take on key tasks

After seeing what steps you need to take, set task due dates for yourself, check off tasks as you complete them, and proceed to the next step


Learn as you go

Setup Blox are more than just a set of tasks – they give you important information and context for actions you need to take at each step

Ask the community for help

If you need a deeper dive on a topic or have a question specific to your location or industry, reach out to the community – each task has it’s own Q&A channel right next to it

Topic & Industry Feed

Let the community come to you

Set topic keywords and industries to follow – when there are new tagged questions or answers, any of those matching ones you chose will appear at the top of your Feed

Help the community directly

If you want to help other members of the community, set topic or industry tags to follow so that you can see new member questions pop up and be the first to answer them


Connect right from the platform

We want businesses to help each other, so instead of a marketplace where all the services are dumped onto one page together, we’ve curated relevant solutions right next to the topic at hand

Get found in the Directory

Even if you’re not directly attached as a resource on a topic, you can still get your business found by enabling public view of your profile and filling out keywords in your description