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A little bit about where the StartBlox idea came from and when we were founded

StartBlox was founded by some folks who saw the challenges most entrepreneurs face when starting a new business: feeling like they’re on their own to do everything.

Previously through our affiliate company, Consuleris LLC, we developed a novel consulting service that helped “build” the corporate functions in new businesses –analogous to a construction general contractor – by project managing B2B vendors for clients.  One day it occurred to us, “Couldn’t every entrepreneur use a helping hand like this??  Let’s turn it into software that anyone can use anywhere, anytime!” And thus, the StartBlox concept was born.  StartBlox, Inc. was spun off from Consuleris LLC in August 2016.

The founding team comprised CEO Brian Browning, an outstanding Advisory Board with experience spanning from tech to barber franchises, and a small operations group of incredibly multi-talented employees and contractors.

The best way to reach us is via email:

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contact Support at

If you’d like to find ways to build business together with your company, contact us at

Our headquarters is located in downtown Columbus, and we have an affiliation with Cintrifuse at Union Hall in Cincinnati (Eastern U.S. Time Zone):

470 W Broad St #17
Columbus OH 43215

+1 (380) 215-0585

Our purpose and the tools we provide to startups

StartBlox is the first fully integrated platform for learning about everything you need to start a business AND connecting to a community of fellow entrepreneurs and advisors who can help. Think of StartBlox as your small business dashboard, with indicators of your progress and tools to execute on your business plan.

The platform greatly reduces the number of searches you have to do online – we bring information and resources straight to you. Whether using our ordered Setup Blox or following your own path, StartBlox has something for every stage of business, from planning through operating and growing.

A unique feature we continue to build out are walk-through “wizards,” providing step-by-step guidance for establishing key operating pieces of your company – anywhere, in any industry. As the community grows, we hope to tailor these walk-through experiences to specific industries.

We have information “blox” covering over 350 topics founders need to start and run business operations

What’s covered in StartBlox:

We cover the standard operational foundations of running any type of business, anywhere. We’ve organized these topics in our Library and in our Coach walk-through “wizards” in sections like the following:

  • Business Planning
  • Company Formation
  • Tax and Regulatory Matters
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Office Setup / Locations
  • Software / Office Tools
  • Hiring People & Payroll

StartBlox content and tasks work across all industries. StartBlox contains the administrative and operational activities that are common for any business to establish itself and begin operating.

Most business information in StartBlox is valid for any location in the world. Legal, tax, and regulatory content is currently targeted to the United States, though some of the concepts apply in other countries as well. For U.S. users, we provide connections to Federal and State agencies to learn about and act on key startup/incorporation activities. We plan to add local-level connections in the near future.

Join the community and build your business together with us

All individual subscription plans start with a free trial period