How to Choose a Name for your Small Business [Infographic]

What’s the first thing your future customers will know about your business? How will they locate you? Search for you online? Talk about your business to their friends and family?
Finding a name for your business is an early-stage decision that will stay with you. The name you choose should last for many years, if not for the entire lifetime of your business. While changing the name of your business is possible, it’s a painful exercise that you should work to avoid if at all possible. Instead of risking the need for this brutal exercise, go through the best process of choosing your name.
There are many camps of how to choose a name, and in what order to do it. Some entrepreneurs have a name before even knowing what product or service they’ll sell. Others choose a name entirely based on their first and only product. Feeling a little overwhelmed with your naming process?
Here’s one way to choose a name for your company:

This infographic was provided by Chris Landry, Managing Director of Colourfast

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