Why We’ll Be Here For You In 2017

Happy 2017, founders! You made it!

nFor those already on the startup path: Congratulations for reaching a new year with your startup!nnFor those considering it: Congratulations on reaching your year to begin!nnAt StartBlox, weu2019re happy to have ended 2016 with a windfall of small wins and measurable growth. Weu2019re excited to be starting 2017 on a positive, ambitious note. Most of all, weu2019re thrilled that weu2019ll be here for you in 2017.n

1. We see a need.

nWe know that entrepreneurs struggle to find the information they need. You search the internet for answers every day, from what to name your company to how to hire an intern. Once you find the answers, they are often biased and the advice is often contradictory to the links before and after it in your search. Weu2019re centralizing information on all of your options so that you donu2019t have to spend hours reviewing opinions: you can come to us for facts.n

2. We see an opportunity.

nLike most startups, we see a need as an opportunity. We view our role filling this gap as an opportunity not only for our startup, but for the startups we support. In 2017, weu2019ll be saving you the time you could be spending on the more important (and perhaps more fun!) parts of your business.n

3. We see passion.

nWe know founders are passionate, and weu2019re proud to be supporting you in pursuing your goals. From beverage to technology, we see founders every day who are sharing what you love through their business. This year, we will be letting our passion for startups and business to support your passions foru2026 everything!n

4. We see purpose.

nTodayu2019s world is volatile and complex. If 2016 has taught us anything, it is that change is the only constant. We believe there is incredible purpose in enabling people, both young and old, to take their careers into their own hands, create jobs in their communities, and drive change in their economies.n

5. We see you succeeding.

nWe know that you have it in you to succeed u2014 you may just need a bit of support here or there to make that happen. With the level of ambition, passion, and purpose we see in this community, there could be no other result. Weu2019re thrilled to see a year of success amongst the StartBlox community.nnSo, founders, cheers to a new beginning and continued growth!

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