Adding team members and managing team subscriptions

Individual accounts can share the same dashboard view together as a Team

Teams in StartBlox

Team Features #

  • Master account for CEO/founder/company administrator
  • Individual team member accounts with their own profiles to manage and engage with the community
  • Shared management / view of tasks and their completion in Setup Blox mode
  • Individual / private view and management of Ops Blox operations dashboard mode

How to Set Up a Team #

One person needs to be the master account.  This is usually the first subscriber.  This person will be responsible not only for creating sub-accounts for the team, but also for managing and paying ALL subscriptions for the team.  

  1. If your company doesn’t yet have a StartBlox account, subscribe to one of our plans.
  2. Make sure to apply any coupons you have to your master account.  Any coupons on the master account will also apply to the added team member accounts.
  3. From the mast account, go to Manage Plan in your account settings.
  4. Click the “+” sign to add a team member.

If you already have separate accounts and want to join them together as a team, contact us via the StartBot chatbot.

Team Pricing #

There is a nominal fee to add team members (currently $5/month for monthly plan subscribers).  If you’re part of a community or organization who has given you a discount coupon, that same discount coupon will apply to any members added on your team.  Same with an individual subscriber who has a discount coupon.  

Example 1: if you are a community member where that organization is paying on your behalf (no charge to you), then it will also be free for members of your team.

Example 2: if you currently have an active 20% off coupon, that same coupon will apply to team members you add.  If you’re on a monthly plan, instead of $5/month to add a team member it will be $4/month ($5/month x -20% off).