What coupons do and how to apply them to your account #

Types of Coupons #

There are several types of StartBlox coupons that each have their own function.

  • Individual – these are for individual users and provide a discount on subscription pricing when we offer these coupons.
  • Organization – these are for members of communities (co-working spaces, incubators, accelerators, municipal programs, etc.) and perform multiple functions:
  1. Identify user as a member of an organization / community.
  2. Provide user permissions (what users can see and do in the app).
  3. Discount subscription pricing – or pay for them entirely – where the organization / community is paying StartBlox on the user’s behalf.

How to Apply Coupons #

Coupons may be applied at any time to accounts.  Most often, they are applied when the user first signs up to StartBlox.  Make sure to check the box “I have a coupon” and enter it on the sign up page.

If you later acquire a coupon, or if your coupon needs updated (for example, if an organization renews your membership with them and also renew your StartBlox membership at that time), you will need to add the new coupon to your profile:

  • In the app go to your account settings and select Manage Plan from the dropdown menu.
  • On the Manage Plan page, find the Add Coupon button.  
  • Click to add your coupon or replacement coupon.

Trouble Entering My Coupon #

If your coupon is not being accepted, check the following:

  • Make sure you are entering it correctly.   Some coupons are a set of randomly generated characters.  Even for us looking at them, sometimes there is confusion between letter lowercase-el “l” and number one “1”, between letter capital-eye “I” and number one “1”, or between letter lowercase oh “o” and number zero “0”.  Try copy-pasting the coupon instead of typing it, being sure not to copy extra characters.
  • Your coupon may be expired.  Sometimes there are limits on the time when a coupon can be used.  Check the communication where you were sent the coupon to see if there are any restrictions of this type.
  • Your coupon has been used too many times.  Organizations are typically allotted a specific number of coupons (user licenses), and if your organization has already reached its limit, we will need to work with them on a solution to getting your account established.

Contact the chatbot on the sign up page if you are still having an issue getting a coupon applied.