Our purpose and the tools we provide to startups #

StartBlox is the first fully integrated platform for learning about everything you need to start a business AND connecting to a community of fellow entrepreneurs and advisors who can help.  Think of StartBlox as your small business dashboard, with indicators of your progress and tools to execute on your business plan.

The platform greatly reduces the number of searches you have to do online – we bring information and resources straight to you.  Whether using our ordered Setup Blox or following your own path, StartBlox has something for every stage of business, from planning through operating and growing.

A unique feature we continue to build out are walk-through “wizards,” providing step-by-step guidance for establishing key operating pieces of your company – anywhere, in any industry. As the community grows, we hope to tailor these walk-through experiences to specific industries.

No one starts a business because they love the administrative activities of starting up, so we’re trying to make that stuff simpler and less painful for the entire startup community.

Check out our product overview video to see what we mean: