Table of Contents

The following are fully customizable at any time, but they need to be done by a StartBlox admin on our side.  Simply reach out to your contact person at StartBlox to submit a request.

Branding #

  • Your logo
  • The primary color (in #hex000 format) that controls the login and left navigation menu buttons
  • The secondary color (in #hex000 format) that controls the background of the left navigation area under your logo in the platform
  • Custom-branded domain/URL – Yes! We can even change this if you need to

Configuration #

  • Special URL links embedded into the left navigation menu (to either render inside our viewport, or which launch a new browser tab)
  • Whether you want to use our Resources, yours, or a mix of both.  See this article for more detail on how to configure Resources once we apply this setting to your account
  • Whether you want to connect at Task level to the Better Business Bureau ( database for additional vendor resources
  • If you need to create a separate environment for a different program/cohort