What information do I need to provide to create an account?

Why we need certain information from you to activate your account #

There are two groups of information** we collect in order to activate your account.  The first screen asks for your name, email address (which becomes your username) and a password of your choice.  

We send you a link to this email address in order to validate it for security purposes. We also need this email to send you information about your account, to let you know of changes to our software, or to manage your subscription if you have a paid account.

After validating your email, we then collect information about where you are in the process of starting your company in order to help you with specific tasks.  Importantly, we need your actual or anticipated business location’s zip code in order for the software to function properly for you.  State regulations, links to government agencies, and the vendor lists are all based on the zip code you save.

Make sure to click the Validate my zipcode button next to the zip code field.  Once the correct city shows under the zip code, click Get Started to continue into the platform.  

If a city name doesn’t show, the zip code will not save and the software will not function properly for you.

The other information in this section helps the software know which blox to show you. Once our community is larger, we can also customize industry content for you.

We value your privacy and security.  The information we collect is bound by our Privacy Policy, found by clicking here:

Privacy Policy

**You have the ability to change just about any initial setting in your profile – including the account email. See the related article on this topic.