StartBlox comes pre-populated as follows:

BigBlox: 6 major setup categories, shown on the dashboard

>> SubBlox: typically 4-6 steps under each BigBlox that help complete this functional setup area

>>> Tasks: each SubBlox step may have one or more Tasks associated with it

For organizations using our white-label version, you can modify any or all of these items.  This Help article is specifically for managing the middle SubBlox level.

Changing or re-ordering existing SubBlox #

Simply go to Admin Panel > SubBloxes tab

Click the 3 dots under the Actions column

A) Select “Delete” if you want to completely remove this entire SubBlox and all Tasks associated with it.  

  • Remaining SubBlox after the delete will automatically renumber.

B) Select “Edit” if you wish to change the name, BigBlox category, order under that BigBlox category, its name, the intro page (“interstitial content”) if this BigBlox is in wizard format.  The Description field will only show in Admin Panel, you can use it or not.

  • Note that if you change the order of an existing blox, all other ones after that will re-number.  For instance, if you change existing SubBlox from #4 to #2 order, then the original #2 goes to #3, original #3 to #4, and so on.
  • Saving blox can take up to 1 minute in the database.  Please wait until the edit screen goes away before moving on to other areas of the platform.

Adding new SubBlox #

Simply go to Admin Panel > SubBloxes tab

Click the plus (+) sign next to the Search field, which is the Add SubBlox button

You will now see:

  1. First, you must select the BigBlox under which you want this new SubBlox to appear.
  2. Next, specify the order this new SubBlox will appear under that BigBlox (Note: if there are existing SubBlox, any of those after the new position of this one will shift up by one, as described in the “Edit” instruction above).
  3. Give your new SubBlox a name that will be displayed to the user.  This is essentially “this step’s descriptive name.”
  4. The Description field is optional; it is only visible to admins in Admin Panel to help manage your configuration.
  5. Interstitial Content = intro page that shows ahead of going into the Tasks for this step.  You can use rich text and media to help contextualize what the user is about to do in this step, much as a coach or mentor would provide context ahead of advising the business owner to do something.  Note that the BigBlox under which this SubBlox sits must have the Wizard Format toggle set in the “on” position.
  6. Icon: upload a small image to represent this SubBlox step in the special progress menu bar that will appear at the top of this “wizard”.  Like the Interstitial Content, it will only show if the Wizard Format toggle is enabled on the BigBlox this step is under.

After you click the Submit button, it may take up to a minute to re-organize the data in the database.  Please wait until the add screen goes away before continuing.