Before modifying any of your Tasks, you should read the other help section on modifying SubBlox, linked here. Understanding that structure is good context, plus the ways in which you add/edit/delete are similar (only re-order is different).

Once you understand how the blox setup works, you can modify Tasks in two places:

  1. In Admin Panel
  2. Directly in the SubBlox itself that you and users see

Adding, editing, re-ordering, and deleting Tasks from Admin Panel #

If a Task already exists, simply click the three dots next to it under the Actions column.  

Similar to SubBlox, you can edit or delete the Task here.

  1. BigBlox field: change if you want to move the Task to a completely different category.
  2. SubBlox field: you must select an existing blox to move the Task.  Add it first if the one you want does not exist.
  3. Name: This is where Tasks differ from SubBlox – Tasks order automatically alphabetically by this name.  If you want to maintain a similar numeric order as the pre-populated Tasks, simply keep a number in front of name words.
  4. BBB Category (optional): if you opted to employ connection to the Better Business Bureau business directory, start typing words in this box to attach a relevant BBB category to this Task.  If you do not see the words you want, try a different word variation, or check with directly to identify which business categories are appropriate for this Task.
  5. Article Category (optional): if you want to add related articles from our content provider, select a category from the dropdown list.
  6. Tags (optional): these relate to hashtags used in the Q&A feature – once tagged, if a user or mentor has added that tag in their Feed preferences, they will be notified via Feed about a question or answer made here.

After you click Submit button, it may take up to a minute to adjust the database.  Please wait until the Add/Edit Task popup goes away before proceeding.

Adding, editing, re-ordering, and deleting Tasks directly in the viewable SubBlox #

Similar to some of your other administrative features, we’ve put your add/edit/delete options right where the content or feature sits in the user view.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** You must have at least 1 Task existing on a SubBlox to get the admin features.  If you don’t already have a Task on the SubBlox you want, simply add it in Admin Panel following the instructions above.

  • Click the “Add Task” words to add a new Task, with an entry box similar to the one shown above.
  • Click the three dots under Actions to Edit or Delete the Task you’re working on (only 1 Task will be open at a time in user view)
  • Re-order the Tasks in this SubBlox by changing the Name.  Remember that, unlike SubBlox which force a numeric order, Tasks order alphabetically by their Name.  Use number text in front of words to order numerically.